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Shawndirea (Chronicles of Aetheaon: Book I)

Shawndirea (Chronicles of Aetheaon: Book I) - Leonard D. Hilley II Book Info
Expected publication: June 27th 2014 by Smashwords Edition
ISBN 139781310304965
edition language English
other editions None found
Source:Digital copy from Author in exchange for honest review

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Often the smallest unexpected surprises garner the most demanding dilemmas, which proves to be the ordeal that entomologist Ben Whytten faces. While netting butterflies to add to his vast collection, he mistakenly sweeps what he thinks is the most spectacular butterfly he has ever seen into his net. Upon examining his catch, Ben is horrified to discover he has captured a faery and shredded her delicate wings into useless ribbons.

Devastated, Ben vows to take Shawndirea back to her realm, Aetheaon; but he discovers that doing so places their lives into immediate danger. To get to Aetheaon, they must pass through a portal rift deep inside the haunted cavern, Devils Den.

Once they cross the rift, Ben enters a world where mysteries, magic, betrayal, and power struggles await. He must adapt quickly or die because Aetheaon is filled with enchanted creatures and numerous races where chaos often dominates order. And since Shawndirea’s destined for the throne of Elvendale, opposing dark forces plot to prevent her from ever reaching her kingdom again. The faery's magic isn't enough to fully protect them, so he must trust other adventurers to aid them during their journey.

My Thoughts

As someone who enjoys somewhat darker fantasy this appealed to me more after reading the entire book than had first thought when had only a handful of reviews and the book synopsis to go by, as a matter of fact the story sucked me in fairly quickly and my interest never waned once.

While it is true that Ben (Roble) and Shawndirea are the two main characters the supporting cast is wide and varied from wizards to elves to dwarves to witches who all add to fleshing out this book, a book that I personally would love to see adapted to the cinema as it would be not only visually appealing but the myriad plots that make up the story would make for some very interesting dialogue as well as action sequences.

The arduous journey that Ben undertakes to get Shawndirea home is one that will excite the reader, make them sit on the edge of their seat in apprehension and by the end leave them eagerly looking forward to what comes next !

I totally appreciate the fact that this first book ended it's story arc with no cliff hanger. This was a story reminiscent of the powerful Lord Of The Rings trilogy, the books which for me set the bar for fantasy genre high, but with it's own flair that captivates ones imagination from beginning to end.

Part action adventure, part paranormal romance and 100% fantasy [b:Shawndirea|22427559|Shawndirea (Chronicles of Aetheaon Book I)|Leonard D. Hilley II|https://d.gr-assets.com/books/1402895406s/22427559.jpg|41847799] was every bit as entertaining as I had hoped it to be!

[Digital copy from Author in exchange for honest review]