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Last of the Red-Hot Cowboys

Last of the Red-Hot Cowboys - Tina Leonard Book Info
ebook, 264 pages
Expected publication: June 24th 2014 by Loveswept
ISBN 0345549309 (ISBN13: 9780345549303)
edition language English
series Hell's Outlaws #1
other editions None found
Source:Netgalley EARC

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A sexy cowgirl gives a rugged Texas loner the ride of his life in USA Today bestselling author Tina Leonard’s seductive new series.

Ava Buchanan dreams of a career on the rodeo circuit. Winning a spot on a one-of-a-kind team would be her ticket to the life she’s always wanted. Ava won’t let anyone stand in her way—not even a stubborn cowboy whose slow-molasses smile and red-hot swagger set her senses aflame . . . and whose talents as a trainer could make her a star. Rodeo might be a man’s game, but Ava knows the right woman’s touch can tame the wildest heart.

Trace Carter believes his mayor’s plan to raise the town’s profile has disaster written all over it, and he won’t allow the Hell’s Outlaws Training Center to be dragged into the fiasco. Yet watching Ava’s delectable body on horseback proves too much of a temptation, and his fantasies stray to her riding skills outside the arena. Soon Trace is fighting like hell to rein in his unbridled desire for the petite brunette before it becomes a passion hotter than the Texas sun.

Includes a special message from the editor, as well as excerpts from other Loveswept titles.

My Thoughts

Hell Texas, small town with a mayor who has big dreams for the future and she will not take no for an answer. Ava Buchanan and Trace Carter are caught in the crossfire when things heat up in Hell!

Having grown up in a family where her brothers were all as stubborn as mules it comes as no surprise when Ava finds Trace to be a challenge, his characters stubborn nature could try the patience of a saint much less a young woman whose dreams are being thwarted by his refusal to help her make them come true!

Trace is one of a group of ex-Seals who have come home to the small town of Hell Texas and set up a training center for teaching the trade of rodeo, something they feel is basically a rough sport best pursued for the most part by men so when approached to take on the female team who wishes to become bull fighters their unequivocal answer is a resounding no.

Not taking no for an answer the female mayor of Hell, who expects her team of the Hell’s Belles to be a drawing card to increase growth for the town, Judy decides to take her three cowgirls to the rival trainers in town which gives Trace and his partners all the incentive they need to change their minds and agree to take on the Belles as clients.

Filled with example after example of just how conniving Mayor Judy can get as well as fireworks between she and Trace as they butt heads while Ava and her two team mates watch from the sidelines you quickly learn that there is more at stake than just creating a team of female rodeo bullfighters, the main idea seems to be to make Hell a more appealing place to raise a family by including more females to the overwhelming population of men that make up the majority of the town’s inhabitants.

There is quite a bit of interesting tidbits that come out as to what motivates Ava so much to want to join such a rough profession, the reasons for her two team members doing so are not quite so clear cut however.

This was a book about a fictional small rough and tumble town in Texas but it could have been about any small town that was trying to develop and grow while attracting attention to itself by providing unique entertainment not found elsewhere. The lure for me was the fact that even though Hell really had nothing to recommend it there was still something about it’s unspoiled countryside that appealed to my love of the outdoors. Plus the incurable romantic in me hoped that Ava’s dreams came true and that she and Trace found a way to make things work between them.

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