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The Cowboy's Mail Order Bride (Cowboys & Brides)

The Cowboy's Mail Order Bride (Cowboys & Brides) - Carolyn Brown Book Info
Paperback, 384 pages
Expected publication: February 4th 2014 by Sourcebooks Casablanca
original title The Cowboy's Mail Order Bride
ISBN 1402280521 (ISBN13: 9781402280528)
edition language English
series Cowboys & Brides #3
other editions None found
Source:Netgalley EARC
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With a bundle of letters in a boot box, Emily Cooper doesn't know what to expect when she arrives on Clarice Barton's Ravenna, Texas, ranch. Clarice is stunned to meet the great granddaughter of a man she hadn't heard from in decades and insists that Emily stay on the ranch to tell her all about him.

Greg Adams isn't thrilled with the idea of a strange, if beautiful, woman in his grandmother's company. But when this stubborn cowboy sets out to uncover her lies, he finds the truth staring him in the face: it's not an explanation he wants, it's just her.

My Thoughts

Emily Cooper had just lost her grandfather and in accordance to his last wishes she promised to return a box of letters to Clarice that she had written to him many years before when they were both young. Now over 60 years have passed and Clarice married, raised a son and even though she had never forgotten her first love never expected to hear from him again so when Emily showed up one day it was quite a shock. As it turned out it was also fortuitous as the electronic end of ranching was something Clarice just could not seem to get a handle on and as Emily just so happened to be quite computer savvy she was asked to stay on not only to reminisce about her grandfathers life but to also assist Clarice with ranching chores.

Having a stranger on the premises did not sit too well with Clarice’s grandson Greg, even when he met her and was captivated by her forthright manner and obvious beauty there were still reservations as to what her motivation was.

Being somewhat of a schemer Clarice notes the sparks flying between Emily and Greg and with the help of her elderly friends decides to help the couple along as Emily only promised to stay for a month before going back to her own property in West Texas inherited from her granddad.

This story is full of delightful intrigue, a little spot of blackmail, some personal revelations on both Emily and Greg’s part that will really come as no surprise to the reader as we watch the couple form a relationship that proves to be just as romantic as one could wish for as it is built over time rather than just being instantaneous the first time they meet!

As others have stated reading about the day to day ranch life and the give and take between all the characters was delightful as it added such great depth to the story, the fact that the main plot of getting Emily and Greg together was more a matter of the pair following their hearts rather than their heads.

Good old fashioned love story with a contemporary timeline.

The premise is simple for this story but the execution will give you chills as the beauty of this contemporary western romance shines through from beginning to end. You will find that by the time the last page is read the characters described in the book have become fast friends and the country atmosphere that they live in has a singular charm that cannot be denied!

[EArc from Netgalley in exchange for honest review]