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Dark Heir: A Jane Yellowrock Novel

Dark Heir - Faith Hunter Book Info
Mass Market Paperback, 336 pages
Expected publication: April 7th 2015 by Roc
ISBN 0451465962 (ISBN13: 9780451465962)
series Jane Yellowrock #9
other editions (2)
Source:Netgalley EARC

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Shapeshifting skinwalker Jane Yellowrock is the best in the business when it comes to slaying vampires. But her latest fanged foe may be above her pay grade…

For centuries, the extremely powerful and ruthless vampire witches of the European Council have wandered the Earth, controlling governments, fostering war, creating political conflict, and often leaving absolute destruction in their wake. One of the strongest of them is set to create some havoc in the city of New Orleans, and it’s definitely personal.

Jane is tasked with tracking him down. With the help of a tech wiz and an ex-Army ranger, her partners in Yellowrock Securities, she’ll have to put everything on the line, and hope it’s enough. Things are about to get real hard in the Big Easy.

My Thoughts

Hey it is Jane Yellowrock people and no way can wait to get my long ago pre-ordered book if given the chance to read early! Gladly have made the sacrifice as this was a thrill ride all the way.

Jane has finally come to understand that there are more than black and white shades to right and wrong, gray is also in there as a fine line to walk between being on the side of good versus on the side of evil.

In this 9th book Jane walks that line tighter than she ever has, she also has to make some hard choices that lead to some even harsher consequences a time or two.

As a loyal fan of Ms. Yellowrock since the very beginning this was one of the more intense reads for me, Jane has faced challenges that tested her limits in the past but none come close to ending her the way this one seemed to several times.

As others have stated seeing the characters change and grow is the best part of following along with them for 9 books, Jane has come so far since her introduction and to be honest this time her growth was kind of scary.

What enjoy best is knowing ahead of time that no matter how bad it gets, no matter how big or how bad the ugly is that Jane pits herself against it will end with her winning with or without help from allies and friends.

Admit it was touch and go a time or two but satisfyingly Jane Yellowrock and Beast once again prevail, keeping Jane’s humanity as intact as possible while still allowing Beast to share her power as needed.

There is a ceremony that Alex, Eli and Jane talk about that will choke you up like it did me when read it. Seems like the boys and Jane have finally acknowledged they are more than partners and it was very touching as well as portents of things to come.

[EArc from Netgalley in exchange for honest review]