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Baiting Trouble

Baiting Trouble - Marie Astor Book Info
Publication Date: August 22, 2014
Print Length: 300 pages
Sold by: Amazon Digital Services, Inc.
Language: English
series Love, Power & Sin #2
other editions None found
Source:Kindle copy from author

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Allyson Roberts has risen from the ashes. She now has a career, a relationship, and a purpose in life. But as a new assignment comes along, Jake Morrissey, the man who helped her rebuild her life and has been her rock ever since might now become too dangerous for her to love. Will Ally and Jake find a way to be together, or will their ties burn them?

Delilah Jones has always been the odd one out with a wayward past. Now, she has a chance to shine by completing an undercover assignment that has her colleagues at a standstill. But what if getting a lead will cost Delilah her only chance for true love? Will she have to choose between her heart and career, or will she find a way to have both?

My Thoughts

What is most enjoyable about reading a book by an author whose works you have found satisfying in the past is when your expectations are met again and again with each new tale.

For me the best part of reading something written by Marie Astor is her ability to combine smart with sexy in both her male and female characters, that and the bad guys always get what is coming to them!

Being this was the second book in a series one would expect to be able to pick right up where the last book left off, you can and best of all you really do not have to read the previous story to follow along with this one although it is always a good idea to do so just for the sake of continuity with the characters past actions.

The main plot deals with uncovering corporate espionage and it is married with the difficulties that face Ally and Jake as they find this particular covert assignment testing the strength of their relationship and even more interesting it allows Delilah a chance to prove herself to the agency as well as perhaps finally find romance for herself!

Suspense, corporate espionage, secrets, lies and deception mixed with some new direction in character growth combine to create another good reading experience.