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Dating Cary Grant

Dating Cary Grant - Emelle Gamble Book Info
Kindle ebook Edition
First, 300 pages
Published April 1st 2014 by Soul Mate Publishing
edition language English
other editions (1)
Source:Netgalley EARC

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A modern Manhattan fairy tale starring . . .

Tracy Connor, a New York City career woman who loves her job and classic movies.

Mike Connor, her estranged husband, a small-town Mayor who loves his wife but doesn’t seem to have enough time to see her.

The handsome stranger, Philip Adams, who lives downstairs from the small sublet Tracy has temporarily moved into. He’s charming, funny, and looks a lot like her very favorite screen icon, Cary Grant.

Dating Cary Grant is a romance all about New York city career woman Tracy Connor struggling with real issues with her real guy, her husband of six years, Mayor Mike Connor of Cukor, Connecticut. Tracy is a smart woman, but some of her problems with relationships are partially caused by her unrealistic expectations that real guys should—and can— behave like matinee idols. Mike’s problems are also caused by the fact that he’s such a great guy and overextends his heart, and his appointment calendar, to every constituent, friend, or stray animal who crosses his path.

Tracy is also being stressed by a TV reality show intent on showcasing Tracy and Mike’s personal life, as well as the imminent takeover of her employer, a small, private television station, by a billionaire with unlimited funds and no taste.
Dating Cary Grant considers just how selfless a man needs to be to meet his wife’s expectations, and just how honest a woman must be with herself about what she’s willing to give, and give-up. And Cary Grant is along to help prove that any woman’s search for ‘Mr. Perfect ‘ might take her to a surprising place to find him.

My Thoughts

I had a very good time from start to finish, this is a believable series of misunderstandings between a married couple who have let themselves grow apart from one another and who in the end discover their mutual happiness is more important than any individual accomplishments.

It is always hard to find a way to smooth the way when a marriage hits a bumpy spot, the bumps that Tracy and Mike Connor experience are caused by several things the pair refuse to compromise on. Tracy feels like her husband has time for everyone but her and Mike just does not understand why she cannot find contentment in Connecticut with him rather than wanting to live in noisy, overcrowded, impersonal New York City!

The trials and tribulations this couple experience while working out how to live together without giving up everything they love shows what can be accomplished when the lines of communication between two people are open and decisions are made for the benefit of all concerned rather than just an individual.

Heartwarming and a very easy to see as a realistic tale in our society of two income households where time is limited to nurture a relationship.

The classic movie’s and the actors referenced throughout the tale are also some that are favorites our household has watched many times and added a bit of nostalgia to the reading for me.

[EArc from Netgalley in exchange for honest review]