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Noble Destiny

Noble Destiny - Katie MacAlister Book Info
Kindle Edition, 384 pages
Expected publication: June 3rd 2014 by Sourcebooks Casablanca (first published May 28th 2003)
original title Noble Destiny
edition language English
series Noble #2
characters Charlotte Collins DiAbalongia, Alasdair (Dare) McGregor - Lord Carlisle
setting London, England (United Kingdom)
other editions (12)
Source:Netgalley EARC

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Just how far will Lady Charlotte go to win his heart?

Lady Charlotte Collins returns to England as a poor widow. She's eager to take her place in the ton, but is quickly shunned by all. There is only one way to redeem her good standing: find a groom with wealth, a title, and good looks. Alasdair McGregor posseses all these fine attributes, but he cruelly refuses to be the answer to Charlotte's problems. So what is she to do but take extreme measures? She'll make him fall in love with her by any means necessary, even a gun. Can this determined lady capture his heart, or will she misfire?

My Thoughts

Charlotte had eloped against the wishes of her family and the counsel of friends 5 years prior, returning a penniless widow to England she wants nothing more than to be reinstated within society and to that end she hatches a scheme to trap Alasdair McGregor-Earl of Carlisle into marriage.

Enlisting the aid of the only friend she has left she puts her plan into motion as upon finding the direct approach of proposing marriage to “Dare” a failure Charlotte is left with only the option of trickery. The means which she employs works up to a point as Dare does accept her invitation to what he assumes to be a mutually satisfying assignation during a ball they both attend.

What happens during the meeting is comical and at the same time sets the stage for Charlotte and Dare’s relationship through most of the book, it is one of both exasperation and passion in equal measures!

When started this series with Noble Intentions I was delighted with the misunderstandings that the characters found themselves muddling through over and over. This second book carried the same theme throughout but is able to stand on it’s own with a cast of characters that will keep you scratching your head with a smile on your face at their outrageousness.

There were times however the smile slipped as trying to keep up with the convoluted meanderings of Charlottes mind exhausted my patience as well as Dare’s, by the end though I was as besotted by her as everyone else she managed to charm along the way.

Delightful but not quite as much as first book as at times could not make up my mind whether to applaud or curse the character of Charlotte, Batsfoam however stole the show every scene he was involved in!

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