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Fate's Edge (Edge Series #3)

Fate's Edge (Edge Series #3) - Fun thing about this series you can be caught up in a few minutes no matter how long it has been since you read the previous book, my only regret is that it will end with book four when it releases in 2012.In this story we have a chance to revisit and learn in detail all about Kaldar Mar, he is now one of my favorite anti-hero heroes! The man is a smooth grifter but at the same time has his own code of honor which he will uphold no matter the odds against him!Audrey is his match in every way and when these two are together sparks fly and trouble is not far behind them. I loved this third look into the world of the "Edgers" and the world of the "Broken", not only do we see a lot of action but we also watch George and Jack come into their own a little more and those scenes were some of my favorites!With every page you turn there is something new unfolding, this is one of those books you sit down with and finish without stopping. Also nice in my mind that even if you have not already read the first two books in the series On the Edge, and Bayou Moon it is not necessary as this is almost a stand alone story in itself. I know some fans of the series may not agree with me on that but since there is plenty of back story intertwined with this one it makes it easy to grasp what has come before Kaldar and Audreys adventure. If you love lots of action, love the story having previous characters play a huge role, love a snarky give and take relationship between the main male and female characters, if you enjoy watching as those same two people who have painful pasts learn what it is to trust and love someone and most of all if you love urban fantasy this book will be a treat you cannot pass up!