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The Ophelia Cut - John Lescroart BOOK SYNOPSISDefense attorney Dismas Hardy returns to defend a close friend against murder charges in New York Times bestselling author John Lescroart’s most suspenseful and intricately plotted novel to date.Brittany McGuire is the beautiful, twenty-three-year-old daughter of Susan Weiss and Moses McGuire—and the niece of defense attorney Dismas Hardy. Popular and pretty, Brittany has always moved easily from one boyfriend to the next, but her most recent ex, a young man named Rick Jessup, can’t seem to get over her. His abuse escalates, culminating in a terrible night when Brittany is raped. Within twenty-four hours, Rick Jessup is dead, Moses McGuire is the prime suspect in the investigation, and Dismas Hardy has been hired to defend his old friend. Making things even more complicated, this case threatens to bring to light old secrets that could destroy the careers of Hardy and police lieutenant Abe Glitsky. As the overwhelming evidence against Moses piles up, Dismas Hardy focuses on planting doubt in the minds of the jurors—until, in a feat of legal ingenuity that is staggering in both its implications and its simplicity, Hardy sees a new way forward that might just save them all. But at what price?For the first time since 2009, the author’s most popular protagonist returns in a masterful novel that bears all the hallmarks of John Lescroart’s extraordinary storytelling gifts: a cast of flesh-and-blood characters, morally complex situations with no easy answers, and—of course—relentless, nail-biting suspense that will leave you breathless.My ThoughtsDismas Hardy is now older and his law practice is no longer as hectic as it used to be so he has a lot more time on his hands but when a good friend and his brother-in-law, Moses McGuire becomes a suspect in the murder of Moses daughters former boyfriend he rallies all his considerable talents to try and keep Moses from going to prison.Set amidst the backdrop of tensions caused by events 6 years past that involved not only Dismas but his good friend police lieutenant Abe Glitsky, law partner Gina Roake as well as Moses and you have a powder keg waiting to blow. Throw in the subsequent assault and rape of Moses daughter Brittany and the suspense that the author is so famous for creating is pretty intense.There is a lot to be said for following a series when the main characters are so well fleshed out as the ones created by John Lescroart and even though the story is well crafted, the characters well fleshed out, the plot easy to follow this was a hard book for me to read due to the subject matter that it centered around.As any other female on the planet can tell you for a woman Rape is something we fear from a very early age, especially when there are so many instances where a female can be overpowered by someone whom she has come to see as a trusted companion or acquaintance. This story was also hard for me as to be quite honest Brittany McGuire came across as a very shallow, immature and narcissistic character and not one that was easy for me to relate to but totally one that I could sympathize with the plight of.The whole ordeal from beginning to end actually was made worse by the secrets and lies that the main characters, and a few side characters as well, worked so hard to keep from being revealed publicly. The fact that the murder victim was actually a very unlikeable power hungry young man did not make me sad to see him gone but rather upset that he did not have to publicly acknowledge all his wrongdoings as there were many more than the ones perpetrated against Brittany. They say that what goes around comes around and in the case of Rick Jessup that particular prediction came true sooner rather than later.John Lescroart is a talented author, Dismas Hardy is one of his better courtroom drama characters and all in all The Ophelia Cut had it's moments, not least of which were where the reason for the title was revealed at the very end.Not one of my favorite Diz Hardy stories, as some loose ends were never taken care of and some questions about what happened and why were never answered to my satisfaction, but not bad either.[EArc from Netgalley in exchange for honest review]