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Lifelong Texan, love reading from many genres thanks to early childhood readalongs with my Dad, love cooking for my family, working in my yard, playing with my cats and since being diagnosed in late 2012 with RRMS finding ways to keep body and mind active is even more important.
Shadow Woman - Linda Howard BOOK SYNOPSISFrom perennial New York Times bestselling author Linda Howard comes a thrilling and sensual new novel of romance, suspense, intrigue . . . and memories that can kill. SHADOW WOMAN Lizette Henry wakes up one morning and makes a terrifying discovery: She doesn’t recognize the face she sees in the mirror. She remembers what she looks like, but her reflection is someone else’s. To add to the shock, two years seem to have disappeared from her life. Someone has gone to great and inexplicable lengths to keep those missing years hidden forever. But the past always finds a way to return. Strange memories soon begin to surface and, along with them, some unusual skills and talents that Lizette hasn’t a clue about acquiring. Sensing that she’s being monitored, Lizette suddenly knows how to search for bugs in her house and tracking devices in her car. What’s more, she can elude surveillance—like a trained agent. Enter a mysterious and seductive stranger named Xavier, who claims he wants to help—but who triggers disturbing images of an unspeakable crime of which Lizette may or may not be the perpetrator. With memories returning, she suddenly becomes a target of anonymous assassins. On the run with nowhere to hide, Lizette has no choice but to rely on Xavier, a strong and magnetic man she doesn’t trust, with a powerful attraction she cannot resist. As murky waters become clear, Lizette confronts a conspiracy that is treacherous and far-reaching and a truth that, once revealed, may silence her and Xavier once and for all.My ThoughtsI have to admit that the story dragged a bit at first as we just could not get past the whole waking up and not recognizing the person staring back in the mirror plus the feelings of paranoia and suspicion that things are not all that they seem just take too long to resolve for me.That said this is a thriller that had me sold from the book blurb simply because it seemed like the perfect blend between a mystery and romantic suspense, which did prove to be true once "Lizzie" surfaced and went on the run all the while not knowing if she would ever remember everything completely are if the blanks in her mind would end up one day getting her killed.Think about this for a minute, you are an ordinary person living in an ordinary neighborhood going to and from your ordinary job every day and then one morning you wake up and that all changes. What would you do? How would you react if you discovered the life you were in was one established only a few years before, the face you wore was not the one you had grown into from childhood and most of all that there was a strong possibility that you had information hidden in your brain that could end up causing your death?All of this takes place in Shadow Woman and along with the mystery of who, what, why, when and where that is slowly revealed we also get to enjoy a complex story full of political secrets and intriguing insights that will cause the reader to sit back until finished with this book.There is so much more to this one than a romantic suspense and it pulls you in and will not let you go just like any good reading experience is supposed to![EArc from Netgalley in exchange for honest review]