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Housewife Blues and Chihuahua Stories

Lifelong Texan, love reading from many genres thanks to early childhood readalongs with my Dad, love cooking for my family, working in my yard, playing with my cats and since being diagnosed in late 2012 with RRMS finding ways to keep body and mind active is even more important.
Walking Dead (The Walker Papers, Book 4) - C.E. Murphy Poor Jo, she cannot catch a break and this time the stakes are the highest they have ever been. Choices abound as to how Shamanic road is to be traveled, for Joanne Walker that road is longer and harder then ever!Not a fan of stories featuring Zombies but this 4th book in the series is much more than that. The love, friendships and all good things in Jo's life are put in jeopardy and it looks like this time she may not be able to keep Seattle safe as the odds are stacked in favor of her opponent. Take a chance and see what "rabbit" is pulled out of her hat this time, you will be glad you did!