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Temptation in a Kilt  - Victoria  Roberts BOOK SYNOPSISThis hot new series follows a trio of Highland lairds, who are driving King James crazy with their constant clan battles and uproarious way of life.Laird Ciaran MacGregor discovers the beautiful, wounded Lady Rosalia Armstrong while journeying to the king's court. Already burdened with the task of maintaining the peace in his lands, Ciaran has very little patience for this headstrong woman. She's as fearsome as the men trying to kill him for his lands, and their verbal sparring leaves him burning for a more intimate relationship. And if Rosalia's not careful, she'll soon discover his prowess...on and off the battlefield.My ThoughtsThe book was slightly disappointing to me as I expected more. I did enjoy the book but for me it was more of a "formula historical romance" than truly anything original to the genre. I felt that the author had taken bits and pieces of my favorite historical romance authors works and created a story line and characters of her own out of them. Normally I would say that while that does not totally bother me I was going on my gut feeling when I read the book synopsis that the story would be more dynamic than what it turned out to be. While I admit that I truly love anything and everything written that features the Scottish Highlands, the highlanders themselves, the people and their politics just really think that it is always best when I find an author who does it without drawing upon tried and true scenarios from other books. At the same time each story is unique unto itself, Temptation In A Kilt has it's own appeal. I truly think that it's target audience will love it completely, unreservedly and look forward to the next book in the series.It is true that there was enough action and suspense in the telling of the tale, there was enough romantic interludes and there was a believably sensual relationship between Ciaran and Rosalia but at the same time I could not help but feel like some of what happened to the characters was forced. The scenes did not flow as easily as I thought they could have and as others have said there was too much predictability in what would happen at times as well.For me the most fun part of the book were the scenes between Ciaran, his brothers Aiden and Declan especially the ones that highlighted just how different their respective personalities and outlook on life really were.Ciaran is the ultra responsible laird and older brother, Aiden is the married middle brother who is like a breath of fresh air when he dotes on his wife and newly born son and Declan is the bad boy youngest who is rudderless and feels misunderstood more often than not hiding his true feelings by drinking and playing the buffoon who would rather while away his time on women and wine than grow up.All in all an enjoyable read that while for me it is not a "keeper" to read over is one that I am glad to have had the chance to see for myself what others who read it liked or disliked.I feel that the author has a good start and if she continues in the same vein the next in the series and the one to follow should be better, at least that is my hope. I truly would love to read the next book which is Declan's story as he is such a riot, a beautiful man with such a tortured soul that he hides behind a veneer of indifference and bluster. Hopefully in X Marks the Scot Bad Boys of The Highlands-Book 2, Declan manages to totally redeem himself by getting past his own demons and grow into the man that I know he can be!For lovers of the Highlands, the Highlanders and the fiery lasses who win their hearts this romance will be one you will enjoy as it has everything in it that makes what readers of the genre look for as long as you do not mind the fact that you will basically know what is going to transpire in the story before the scenes are acted out completely.[EArc from Netgalley in exchange for honest review]