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Lifelong Texan, love reading from many genres thanks to early childhood readalongs with my Dad, love cooking for my family, working in my yard, playing with my cats and since being diagnosed in late 2012 with RRMS finding ways to keep body and mind active is even more important.

Rocked (Lost in Oblivion)

Rocked (Lost in Oblivion) - 'Taryn Elliott',  'Cari Quinn' Not the best nor the worst beginning to a rocker series but at times felt disjointed when focus shifted from one plot point to another. It would have been more cohesive for me if the story line would have stayed focused on one or two things rather than 4 or 5.

Did enjoy watching Deacon and Harper fall in love, while they were a little too quick to resolve their spat the HEA was well deserved for the two.

The rest of the band members stories however am sure will be filled with more drama and turmoil but still probably entertaining none the less.