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The Dreamer of Downing Street

The Dreamer of Downing Street - Roberta L. Smith Book Info
Paperback, 294 pages
Published August 23rd 2014 by CreateSpace
ISBN 1500471534 (ISBN13: 9781500471538)
edition language English
other editions None found

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In 1944 Denver, twenty-six year-old Franklin Powell is doing what he does best, helping clients with his psychic gift. Then his brother causes the past to come crashing into the present and a memory Frank has kept buried since the age of six surfaces. Now his life is in an uproar. He must prove that what he remembers is true or his mother may spend the rest of her life in prison. But even if he succeeds, it appears there is a powerful someone behind the scenes who could care less if she is innocent. Why? Because of a seething hatred for Frank. To make matters worse, the woman he loves needs his help with a serious problem of her own—a problem that could get him killed. Frank can’t let that stop him. He dives right in and while his psychic gift doesn’t seem to be doing him any favors, it’s a good thing that a couple of newly-acquired ghosts appear to be on his side.

My Thoughts

Frank Powell as a character is smart, articulate, loves playing piano to relax, has a kind heart and is either cursed or blessed with his psychic gift depending on how you look at it. Some days actually think he is more cursed with the things he knows as they are painful for him as well as those around him.

Having previously read and enjoyed The Secret Of Lucianne Dove, also written by Roberta Smith, back in late 2011 it sounded like this would interest me as it actually explains how the character in the Mickey McCoy series came about as well as the source of his “sixth sense”.

Once started reading the settings, the mysteries, the romance angles and the suspense kept me from wanting to stop. The combination of some good old fashioned leg work on Frank’s part while he is trying to prove his mother innocent of the crime for which she was accused with his ability to ”see things” either as they happen or happened in the past make for a winning melding of talents.

As we further explore the angles that are used to weave several plots together it becomes apparent that there is much more going on than Frank realizes. The past and the present collide in this book and when they do the reader is in for a few big surprises right along with Frank, surprises that change pretty much his whole perspective on his life.

There is one main aspect of this story that have not touched upon and that is the supernatural, it was not over the top but instead handled forthrightly in a way that made it very believable not only to Frank but the reader as well.

This book was very character driven, which works perfectly for me, with short bursts of action that added to it’s intensity and increased the pace enough to keep one interested to see what happened next but more importantly why things were happening in the first place.

The entire time I was thinking oh what a tangled web was woven in the pages of this book, it was at times mind blowing until it all came together at the end and made everything perfectly clear to the reader.