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Bite Me, Your Grace

Bite Me, Your Grace  - Brooklyn Ann In the style made popular by that of [a:Katie MacAlister|28550|Katie MacAlister|https://d.gr-assets.com/authors/1214249622p2/28550.jpg] this was a delightful blend of seriousness and humor. When one reads a historical romance that has the added allure of a paranormal twist the expectation is set for something that stands out from the crowd, this is such a story.

As others have pointed out there is nothing really new but it is the manner in which it is delivered that gives Ian and Angelicas story that easy engaging style that just keeps you turning pages laughing so hard at times you almost cry.

My favorite scenes were probably the ones where the kitten Loki appeared, having firsthand experience at how intrepid a kitten can be these scenes came across as perfectly executed and totally believable as well as smile worthy.

I look forward to more in the series.