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Hunger - Michael  Grant
Book Info
EBOOK, 608 pages
Published May 26th 2009 by Katherine Tegen Books (first published 2009)
original title Hunger
ISBN 0061911496 (ISBN13: 9780061911491)
edition language English
series Gone #2
characters Sam Temple, Astrid Ellison, Little Pete, Caine Soren, Diana Ladris setting Perdido Beach, California (United States)
California (United States)
literary awards Voya Perfect Ten (2009)
other editions (34)
Source:Kindle version borrowed from Public Library

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It's been three months since everyone under the age of fifteen became trapped in the bubble known as the FAYZ.
Three months since all the adults disappeared.


Food ran out weeks ago. Everyone is starving, but no one wants to figure out a solution. And each day, more and more kids are evolving, developing supernatural abilities that set them apart from the kids without powers.

Tension rises and chaos is descending upon the town. It's the normal kids against the mutants. Each kid is out for himself, and even the good ones turn murderous.

But a larger problem looms. The Darkness, a sinister creature that has lived buried deep in the hills, begins calling to some of the teens in the FAYZ. Calling to them, guiding them, manipulating them.

The Darkness has awakened. And it is hungry.

My Thoughts

Happiness is a full belly, now a distant memory for those trapped in the FAYZ. The inhabitants of Perdido Beach are becoming unruly, friends are now at odds as are brothers and sisters and all out anarchy is not far behind.

To make things worse the creature in the abandoned mine has it’s hooks deep in Caine, Drake and now it is beginning to set it’s sights on Lana as well.

Poor Sam just wants to do the right thing, at only 15 he feels so overwhelmed at all the day to day problems of trying to mitigate the crisis situations for over 300 children that he finally finds himself at a breaking point. Good thing is that only Astrid witnesses his major meltdown because there is an even bigger concern at hand and that is Caine and his followers have taken control of the nuclear plant outside town that provides the electricity to keep Period Beach in power for lights, hot water heaters and other appliances.

If that is not enough to worry about there is a group of humans lobbying for control of things, their main theme is that the humans are being treated unfairly and since Sam is one of the main ”Freaks” as well as being currently in charge of the towns workings they feel he should be overthrown.

Food shortages however remain the major issue and as the unthinkable comes closer to becoming reality these kids stranded together in the FAYZ have some hard choices to make, question is when everything comes to a head what will they do to survive and better question is what won't they do.

Book 2 ratchets up what was already an intense story and leads directly into setting up book 3 Lies which I hope to read soon.

[Kindle version borrowed from Public Library]