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Tall, Dark, and Vampire

Tall, Dark, and Vampire  - Sara  Humphreys This reminds me of a couple of my favorite vampire movie franchises, Blade and Underworld. The mythology in this rendering is somewhat the same with a few additions to add uniqueness to it as well as shake up some of the preconceived notions that every vampire oriented PNR is going to follow the same formula down to the last dotted I or crossed T.

I thought that the themes employed in this first book in a new series were fresh, as was the world building and the characters were all very likable and easy to relate to. The only thing that fell short for me was the wrap up, even though it finished this story arc in a say that tied up lots of loose ends it did not have the same natural flow as the rest of the book.

However even though this first book is done am looking forward to reading more about the members of The Coven.