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Bad Boys In Black Tie

Bad Boys In Black Tie - Erin McCarthy, Lori Foster, Morgan Leigh Book Info
ebook, 320 pages
Published January 1st 2012 by Kensington Publishing Corporation (first published January 1st 2004)
original title Bad Boys In Black Tie (Includes: Watson Brothers, #3)
ISBN 0758277571 (ISBN13: 9780758277572)
edition language English
series Watson Brothers #3, FBI Agents
characters Pete Watson, Cassidy McClannahan, CJ White, Wyatt Maddock, Tess Braeden
setting United States
other editions (6)
Source:Kindle version borrowed from Public Library

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Some men you can't take anywhere. . .except the bedroom.Good With His Hands

By "New York Times" bestselling author Lori Foster As next-door neighbors and best friends, Pete Watson and Cassidy McClannahan have a "no sex" relationship. Until Pete decides he's ready to transform himself into the perfect "black tie" guy he thinks she wants. And once she's in his arms, he'll show her just what else that black tie can do. . .

Miss Extreme Congeniality

By "New York Times" bestselling author Erin McCarthy CJ White knows there has to be a catch when Wyatt Maddock--her despised FBI partner--offers to transfer out of Chicago and far, far away from her: she has to spend one sexy night with the untamed playboy, wearing the outfit of his choice. . .

Last Call by Morgan Leigh

Tess Braeden is new in Justice, North Carolina, but there's no justice when she learns that her inherited home is about to be foreclosed on. Thank goodness for the sensual, mysterious Fletcher Graham. But will Mr. Right become Mr. Wrong once Tess discovers his day job?

My Thoughts

Starting out with a ”friends to lovers” story, seconded by a couple whose work relationship started them off on the ”wrong foot” and ending with a teasing tale of “mistaken identity” that turns into a once in a lifetime relationship each of these stories have their own type of charm.

My biggest complaint is the fact that ”I Love You” and want you in my life ”forever” came too quickly for the second and third couple, can see how the building to falling in each others arms worked for Pete and Cassidy as they were friends first but CJ and Wyatt and Tess and Fletcher were a little harder for me to wrap my mind around an HEA for.

Entertains but not really anything to get too excited over, however have to say all three romances while over the top in their race to an HEA did have ultimately satisfying build ups for the couples.

[Kindle version borrowed from Public Library]