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I Only Have Eyes For You

I Only Have Eyes For You  - Bella Andre Somehow this being book four in a series just did not ever become an issue, despite that fact the cast of characters is pretty much limited to cameos of the Sullivan family members as the real story centers on Jack and Sophie as it should.

Love the fact these two met as children and have each secretly loved the other for past twenty years, only now has their relationship finally changed from friendship only to lovers.

The contemporary romance genre is one of my favorites as these types of books manage to incorporate real world with the fantasy love affair we all wish we could have had with our significant others, [b:I Only Have Eyes For You|17622919|I Only Have Eyes For You (The Sullivans, #4)|Bella Andre|https://d.gr-assets.com/books/1373262467s/17622919.jpg|18321585] pulls this off beautifully for me and the friends to lovers theme has once again proven to leave me misty eyed!