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A Mackenzie Family Christmas: The Perfect Gift (Highland Pleasures, #4.5)

A Mackenzie Family Christmas: The Perfect Gift (Highland Pleasures, #4.5) - Jennifer Ashley A sweetly intimate look into the joys and tribulations the Mackenzie family shared during their time of celebration of both a full out English Christmas, Scottish Hogmany and the long awaited birth of a new member of the family!

This was a book filled with romantic interludes between the husbands and their wives, dramatic mishaps and most of all the fact that despite it being hard to do they each managed to give a "perfect" gift to one another of love and acceptance which is just what we all want more than the nicest possession ever wrapped up!

Having not read the rest of the series still never felt lost as this was entirely easy to follow along with each set of relationships with just enough information to beguile me into longing for the first four books that had more detail about the family and their previous tales.