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Valerie's Retreat

Valerie's Retreat - Joseph M. Rinaldo Book Info
ebook, 323 pages
Published October 31st 2013 by self-published
edition languageEnglish
other editions None found
Source:Digital copy of book from Author

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Valerie, a 40-ish Head Teller at a bank, has met Franco, 16 years younger and studying for a doctorate in archaeology. He is stunned yet eager to begin a relationship with this attractive "cougar", and they become lovers. Their lives begin to unravel when Valerie's female bisexual boss makes advances (and threats) toward Valerie and Franco is accused of the theft of an Incan artifact from a museum where he has been working part-time. Frustrated, under surveillance by the FBI, and seeing no way out of their dilemma, they decide to steal money from Valerie's bank and flee the country. They go to Peru to start a new life, but they find there the same type of corruption and threats. How can they escape their nightmares and make their dreams come true?

My Thoughts

Valerie worked her way up to the position of Head Teller, a job which she enjoys and is very good at but which has become a cause of stress when her male branch manager is replaced with a female who makes every effort to show she is attracted to Valerie physically. The unwelcome advances are never witnessed by her fellow employees and as it becomes apparent Valerie will only be promoted if she has a relationship with her new boss her options on how to continue in an environment that is no longer acceptable are few.

Franco is a young man who Valerie meets while out with a friend, they hit it off and soon become involved and even though he is only in his middle 20’s they find themselves enamored of each other mentally as well as physically.

The pair decide that since Valerie’s job has become unbearable and Franco’s loss of employment at the museum means that it is only a matter of time before they will have to part ways that the way for them to stay together is for Valerie to steal a few hundred thousand dollars from her bank so they can leave the US and start over in a foreign country.

Once in Peru they find a marina to buy that will allow Valerie’s dream to come true as she loved working at one when she was young and has always wanted to run her own business. Getting the marina is only one step closer to their new life, they also find that there is a nearby University that Franco can work at part time allowing him to be a part of the archeology department and participate in expeditions.

Unknown to Valerie and Franco their status as fugitives has come to the attention of the officials in Peru, this leads to some interesting developments which allow them to quickly become Peruvian citizens and also causes their fledgling business to attract customers no sooner than they had opened at which point life really becomes interesting for the couple!

A tale that starts out with an older woman whose life has become routine until she meets and falls for a younger man, what happens to them after they pull off their “heist” is as exciting for the reader as it is for Valerie and Franco. A true “underdog” story which will appeal to a wide audience, even those like me who firmly believe that “crime does not pay”.

[Digital copy from Author in exchange for honest review]