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Murder upon a Midnight Clear

Murder upon a Midnight Clear - Juli D. Revezzo
Book Info
Kindle Edition, 160 pages
Published November 19th 2013 by Raven Queen Publications
edition language English
other editions None found
Source:Personal Kindle Copy

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'Tis the season ... for death.

Murder reminds Detective Helene Collias of Holly PD that crime doesn't respect holidays. And the last victim she ever expected to find in her case files is the sister of her old flame, Sean Grant. Ordinarily, Helene's psychic gifts give her an edge but this time, that gift has short-circuited. Could her lingering attraction to Sean be blurring her abilities, or is something more sinister at work?

My Thoughts

The month of December is supposed to be a time of family gatherings to celebrate Christmas and ordinarily for Sean Grant and his sisters that would be the case but this year the murder of his sister Chelsea has he and his youngest sibling Bianca caught up in a police investigation and in the sights of a psychotic killer whose plans for the Grant family are not finished!

Helene Collias is put in charge of investigating Chelsea Grant’s death, when she finds out her high school crush Sean Grant is the young woman’s brother old memories come to life and when the pair come face to face much to her chagrin the flames kindled in their youth are once again fanned for Helene. It takes a bit of time but Sean connects the dots also and his thoughts also turn to matters besides his sister’s demise causing him both guilt as well as hope for the future as he never had the chance to explain to Helene why he never sought her out after their interrupted moment of passion during their Senior cruise.

If you are looking for a bit of light reading set amidst the Christmas holidays this certainly is not going to fit that need, however if you are looking for a well thought out murder mystery with a side of steamy romance to ease some of the tension faced by the main characters than you have found exactly what you were looking for.

The book may be less than 200 pages but believe me you will find that the way it is constructed there is more than enough to keep you busy while you are enjoying how the story rolls out to it’s satisfactory conclusion. The mixture of paranormal elements lends just enough of an extra twist to keep things from becoming too routine.

[Personal Kindle copy given an honest review]