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Hot Zone

Hot Zone - Anne Marsh Book Info
ebook, 102 pages
Expected publication: January 16th 2014 by Kensington Books
ISBN 139781601830449
edition language English
series The Hotshots #2
other editions None found
Source:Netgalley EARC

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To Dade Johnson, fire is a danger he can handle. But the blaze he feels from the moment he lays eyes—and hands, and mouth—on Sarah Jo is too hot to handle. Something about the free-spirited camp cook has him throwing caution to the wind. Little does the hotshots’ second-in-command know he’s cozying up with a suspected arsonist...


Sarah Jo knows she should steer clear of Dade. A bona fide hero who battles wildland fires every day deserves better than a woman on the run. But their five-alarm attraction has Sarah Jo too weak in the knees to resist playing with fire—until her past catches up with her. Soon, she’ll have to choose between surrendering her secrets—or taking them both down in flames..

My Thoughts

With every romantic suspense book that I read written by author Anne Marsh it is impressed upon me how much fun the stories are to connect with. Both the main and secondary characters leap out of the pages and worm their way into your affections quickly, the plots that center around the mystery and danger as well as the firefighters themselves never fails to intrigue the reader as just enough information is given to whet your appetite for more.

The attraction between Dade and Sarah Jo was hinted at at the beginning of the story, the chemistry that the two find between themselves after sharing a kiss that was the result of a dare soon burns hotter than the flames from the wildfires popping up over the countryside!

The fact that this was a very quick short read did not in any way detract from it’s intensity or it’s appeal to those who love the pairing of Alpha male lead characters with unconventional females whose independent spirit matches that of her chosen partner.

Even though this is only a novella the story of how Dade and Sarah Jo become a couple is a marvelous addition to the series, really enjoy the companion books to the Smoke Jumpers and looking forward to more sizzling tales from the author. In comparison to the full length books written by the author this shorter glimpse into the world of these hardworking men and women never falls short but rather sets the stage for future works to come.

[EArc from Netgalley in exchange for honest review]