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Burns So Bad

Burns So Bad - Anne Marsh Book Info
Paperback, 300 pages
Published December 24th 2013 by Anne Marsh (first published December 16th 2013)
ISBN 0991097416 (ISBN13: 9780991097418)
edition languageEnglish
series Smoke Jumpers #3
other editions (1)
Source:PB copy from Author

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Summer is heating up in Strong, California. The jump team’s bad boy, Rio Donovan is one hundred percent pure, sensual trouble. He never backs down from a fire or a dare and he loves putting it all on the line when he parachutes into the heart of the fire. When the fire camp gets a much-needed new player, however, Rio lands in uncharted territory. The jump team’s newest member is sexy, strong—and female. She’s supposed to be just one of the boys, but Rio burns to claim her one heated kiss at a time. This jump, Rio Donovan’s putting it all on the line. Body and heart.

Kissing a fellow smoke jumper would be career suicide and Gia Jackson has worked too hard and too long to earn her spot on Strong’s jump team to jeopardize it all now for a man. The love-em-and-leave-em boys of summer aren’t her type and she’s hiding a few secrets of her own, but, when her chute tangles with Rio’s on a jump, he’s thrown into her arms. Literally. She’s held firm on the fireline for years—but can she hold the line now against Rio’s seductive charm?

My Thoughts

Evan, Jack and Rio Donovan are brothers by choice and each one of these alpha male adrenaline junkies lead life to the fullest. Currently as the owners and driving force behind a top team of Smoke Jumpers these bad boy firefighters live in Strong California and let us just say that life never gets boring for these three whether it be while out at the fire camp training, jumping from the belly of a plane into the landing zone of a wildfire or hanging out at the local bar unwinding with friends.

Rio has long had the reputation of love-em and leave-em but much to his surprise that all changes once he finds out just how hot Gia Jackson makes him burn, both in bed and out!

Gia Jackson is a new member of the Donovan jump team, her aim in life is to live it to the fullest as for years her secret medical condition has made her very aware that living safely is not very fulfilling to her.

Starting out with the jump team being deployed to a wildfire and having Rio end up being saved by Gia when his parachute fails to open will start your heart pumping and as the story progresses the adrenaline really never subsides as we follow the pair from adventure to adventure.

Rio's tale upped the stakes and changed the game, brothers by choice not by blood but Evan Jack and Rio are bonded in ways that make them a family force to be proud of. Strong California once again was an action packed place to visit, especially now that Gia has made an honest man out of playboy Rio.

As with each of the books featuring the heroic firefighter characters that Anne Marsh so lovingly creates for us my admiration and respect for the work that they do increases, as does my enjoyment with each new romantic pairing!

Looking forward to more in the series!

[PB copy from Author in exchange for honest review]