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How to Marry a Cowboy (Cowboys & Brides)

How to Marry a Cowboy (Cowboys & Brides) - Carolyn Brown Book Info
Kindle Edition, 352 pages
Expected publication: July 1st 2014 by Sourcebooks Casablanca
original title How to Marry a Cowboy
edition language English
series Cowboys & Brides #4
other editions (1)
Source:Netgalley EARC

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Rancher Mason Harper’s two little girls want nothing more than a mama of their own. So when a pretty woman appears on his front porch in a tattered wedding dress, while Mason’s looking for a nanny, he can’t help but wonder if it’s fate.

Annie Rose Boudreaux is in a downright hellish mess. She’s just a few steps ahead of the low-life ex who’s been hot on her heels, but she’s tired of running, and nannying Mason’s two sweet girls may be just what she needs. As her days on the ranch fly by, and the night’s with Mason get hotter, Annie Rose decides that she’s going to stay…for a lifetime.

My Thoughts

The morning of their 9th birthday twins Gabby and Lily Mason find a young woman on their porch asleep wearing a wedding gown, their screams of delight that their Daddy had gotten married to give them a “Mama” for their present not only woke Annie Rose up but brought their father out to see what all commotion was about.

Finding herself on a strangers porch with the family cat curled up next to her asleep was the last thing Annie expected, she had no intention of staying but when confronted with the heartfelt pleas of the twins plus the genuine need by Mason for a person willing to fill the gap of time before he could replace their nanny she found herself making a promise to help out for a few days.

Mason Harper found himself a single parent 8 years prior when his wife Holly died unexpectedly, for all those years it has been he and his girls with none of the women he dated briefly even making his heart flutter once. Boy is it fluttering now! Annie Rose is nothing like his deceased wife in looks but some of her mannerisms are dead on which makes his uncomfortable attraction to the new nanny a reason for him to feel guilty that he is somehow betraying cherished memories of Holly.

What I liked best about this tale is that it is not a fish-out-of-water story, Annie Rose was raised on a ranch so she knows full well the hours of day to day work and that a flexible schedule works best when it comes to meal times and making sure that the abundant energy that two 9-year-old girls have is channeled into the proper outlets to keep them out of making mischief as much as possible.

The fact is that Annie fits right in as not only is she able to cook, she is a former nurse which comes in handy when dealing with minor illness or medical emergencies caused by the over zealous application of claws by the family Tomcat O’Malley. The icing on the cake comes when she is able to help with fiddle and singing lessons for the girls and when she wins over the foreman’s elderly grandfather there is no better character reference!

Like the previous book in the series this one also builds the romance slowly so Mason has time to realize that Annie is just what he needs after 8 years of grieving and Annie finds that not all men are abusive like her Ex but rather able to show passion sweetly even when driven by a need as strong as her own.

Wow! Can only say am sorry series has ended but if it had to go this was a great send off and such a heartwarming story it was enough to give me chill bumps more than a time or two along the way to the HEA.

[EArc from Netgalley in exchange for honest review]