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Turn Up the Heat

Turn Up the Heat - Christie Ridgway, Lori Foster, Victoria Dahl Book Info
Paperback, 384 pages
Expected publication: December 31st 2013 by Harlequin HQN
ISBN 0373778384 (ISBN13: 9780373778386)
series The Carlisles #2
other editions None found
Source:Netgalley EARC

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Three sizzling tales from three bestselling authors

Love Won't Wait by Lori Foster

Brendan "Brick" Carlisle is used to women falling at his feet, so shy waitress Merrily Loveland is a breath of fresh air—and an irresistible challenge. But before he can make his move, Merrily comes to him with an offer he can't refuse. If only their "no-strings" pact didn't leave him wanting so much more….

Beach House Beginnings by Christie Ridgway

She might have avoided Crescent Cove, California, for years, but no-nonsense Meg Alexander is confident she can handle a brief trip home. What she doesn't count on is the spark of desire she feels for Caleb McCall. Can a weekend in paradise convince her to give love a second chance?

Strong Enough to Love by Victoria Dahl

Photographer Eve Hill had always told herself that sexy Brian Stewart was off-limits. But now he's back in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, and Eve can't resist their long-denied attraction. When the reality turns out to be hotter than the fantasy, Eve might end up getting more than she bargained for….

My Thoughts

Beginning Novella “Love Won't Wait” is the 2nd story in The Carlisles series by author Lori Foster and to be quite frank it is my hands down favorite for the simple reason that as a lover of animals the menagerie that stole Merrily and Brick's story right out from under them also stole my heart!

As a longtime fan of Lori Foster I expect humorous banter and flirty dialogue between the main male and female characters, heated romantic tension, steamy bedroom scenes and a secondary character “sidekick” who at some point will manage to find their way to being the lead in their own book.

Got all that and more with the addition of the gang of pets that Merrily owns. What is not to love when you are confronted with the soulful eyes of a pair of dogs and three cats? Each animal had a clear and complete character and believe me they stole the show over and over and I loved every second spent with them in a scene!

Author Christie Ridgway is new to me and her offering is “Beach House Beginnings” and it takes place when Meg Alexander returns to her childhood town of Crescent Cove California 10 years after leaving due to the tragic loss of her teenage sweetheart Peter McCall. Losing him drove her to leave and in the intervening years she has steered away from ever feeling the pain of love and loss again.

Having gone through a “life after death” eye opening experience Caleb McCall decides that he needs to learn how to slow down and find happiness other than from his demanding work. His dream of Meg leads him to go to Crescent Cove and convince her that they both deserve a second chance together.

This was a very bittersweet romance story of finally letting go of a lost love and allowing an even stronger connection to forge that has the possibility of lasting a lifetime for Caleb and Meg. Again there was a bit of scene stealing by Bitzer, the now aging mixed breed dog that Peter left behind and that Caleb considers to be his best friend.

Victoria Dahl is also a new to me author and her contribution “Strong Enough to Love” about Eve Hill and Brian Stewart takes us through the fallout following falling in love with your best friend who is married leaves.

Eve has now finally 2 years later reconciled herself to having lost Brian since he moved from Wyoming to try and make his marriage work. Funny thing is she still feels the empty space his absence has left in her life, even though they never acted on their mutual attraction that fact has caused Eve both pain at her loss and pride that her morals were not compromised.

Brian shows up unexpectedly at Eve’s gallery on a night she has gone to a friends birthday party, when she comes home he is standing outside the window admiring a photographic display.

All of Eve’s mixed feelings come rushing back when Brian tells her that he is now divorced and wishes to have a chance for he and Eve to be together as he still loves her.

Will Eve decide that she deserves to finally win Brian’s heart or will she turn her back on this second chance at love? You will be glad when you read for yourself how the author answered that question.

This amalgamation of contemporary romances will indeed "turn up the heat" for those of us who are caught in winter's icy grip these days.

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