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The Water Witch

The Water Witch - Juliet Dark, Carol Goodman

"You have only to call my name to bring me back", he whispered, his breath hot in my ear. "You have only to love me to make me human". Callie McFay is the guardian of the last gateway between the world of Faerie and mankind. Seduced by a powerful incubus demon, she has succeeded in banishing Liam to the Borderlands but he still haunts her dreams, tempting her with the knowledge of how to bring him back. But loving an incubus usually ends in death for a human. For her own sake Callie must learn to control her desires and ensure Liam remains trapped for all eternity in his watery prison. Only there is a more dangerous creature than Liam in the Borderlands. The Water Witch is also looking for a way back...

My Thoughts

Flat out this second book was for me easier to get into, easier to stick with and easier to follow the flow of all the threads that the author wove together! Now I am familiar with the world she has created, comfortable with all the characters and their different roles to play and totally immersed in Callie's dilemma and hoping against hope that she can finally find a way to free herself from the incubus so she does not end up a victim as did others before her.

This book is shorter therefore it is a faster reading experience as well, do not be fooled by that though as there is still a lot going on not the least of which is Callie trying to figure out how to harness and utilize correctly her unstable powers so she can prevent having the last gate between mankind and Faerie being closed and thus losing all her supernatural friends and colleagues at Fairwick if they choose to leave rather than being trapped in the world of humans. Between that challenge and trying hard to keep her sanity after banishing her Incubus lover Callie truly has quite a tough row to hoe but this time she also has more at stake than her heart as well!

This time my focus on the story was uninterrupted and since the world in which it takes place is familiar that made it not only more enjoyable but a faster read as well. I also have to admit that the plot lines wove together much more smoothly in this story and even though it ended in another cliffhanger and with Callie once again bereft there is hope that the next story The Hallowed Door will finally bring Callie closer to her longed for and much deserved HEA!

[EArc from Netgalley in exchange for honest review]