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Kiss It Better

Kiss It Better - Jenny Schwartz Book Info
ebook, 0 pages
Published October 1st 2014 by Escape Publishing
ISBN 139780857991867
series Jardin Bay, Jardin Bay #3
other editions None found
Source:Netgalley EARC

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Revisit gorgeous Jardin Bay with Jenny Schwartz’s fabulous new novel. The town may look like paradise, but for one nurse it represents only broken dreams.

All Cassie Freedom wants to do is save the world, and she could, if only she were able to. But her dream of nursing in Africa is shattered, and she returns home to Jardin Bay, where familiarity, security, and a sense of her own failure threaten to drown her.

Dr. Theo Morrigan knows a thing or two about responsibility, leaving his own medical practice to take over a family business. He knows his mind, his future, and how he wants to live his life – until an old secret resurfaces and rocks his whole world.

Suddenly, the man who needed no one needs a broken-hearted nurse, and a nurse who thinks she’s too weak will find her own strength.

My Thoughts

When we lose focus on fulfillment of a lifelong dream it proves hard to overcome the fallout, to see past the heartache and find ones way towards creating a new way to put that passion to good use.

Cassie Freedom lost sight of a crucial fact that no matter what her compassion, steadiness and skill for caregiving was an integral facet of her very being. Finding her way back to that truth proved to be quite an intriguing journey of self discovery! Along the way she managed to find someone whose own life drama was just as shattering to him and together they rebuild a new life with a few speed bumps along the way.

Theo Morrigan comes from a big messy family, one that is dependent on the business started by their ancestors that has allowed them to pursue dreams of higher education and lifestyles that otherwise they would not have had the privilege of knowing. When Theo ends up finding out a shattering truth in a boardroom battle with his father the very foundations of his world are rocked and he finds himself for the first time reaching out for help to Cassie.

Together this nurse and this doctor turned CEO have a lot of past regrets, finding strength in each other becomes one thing that neither regret however and their explosive shared chemistry turns into full-blown love that gives them both hope for a better future.

The skillful blending of locations, local cuisine and characters who one cannot help but empathize with all lend themselves to what proved to be a great contemporary romance.

This was one that left me with a feeling of such joyful happiness, loved returning to Jardin Bay Australia to enjoy Cassie and Theo's story.

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