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Dark Fire

Dark Fire - Michael Keyton Book Info
Publication Date: 8/2014 by Red Sage Publishing
ISBN: 9781603108676 160310867X
Source:Digital copy from author in exchange for honest review

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Raoul, a C12th adventurer rescues Simone, the daughter of the legendary witch Melusine. Raoul, realises his danger too late. He has rescued her but also fallen captive to a love he will never escape. Both are now hunted, but as their pursuers close in, Simone has one last trick up her sleeve: Dark Fire, a satanic paste activated by sexual magic that will transport them through time and space. The only proviso is that they must find each other again. The penalty for failure is eternal damnation.

In the C21st their future hangs in the balance for Raoul is now Ralph and married to Laura. Simone is trapped in the C17th as Verity Strong. Time is against them...

My Thoughts

Dark Fire is a tale of passion, obsession, lust, love, betrayal, possession, reincarnation and dark magic that spans centuries of time.

In the guise of Verity Strong we find Simone at the mercy of those who have cast themselves in the role of judge and jury, sentenced as a witch Verity finds herself being hounded by Melchior Hyde who cannot hide his lust for her even while he condemns her as a harlot in Satan’s service.

To go into great detail would lead to spoiling the read for others but even though that is true will tell you that the way that past and present mesh leads the plot through an intricate dance that will both tantalize as well as scandalize the reader here and there as the characters enact their roles. I have to say that it got confusing here and there as Raoul became Ralph and Simone became Verity, the real twist though is waiting to see how the pair manage to connect again and again.

The question you must ask yourself is will the pair finally be able to converge into the same time to be together forever and if so how? Read the book to find out, you will be drawn into a tale of fantasy you will enjoy!