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The Vampire Hunter

The Vampire Hunter - Michele Hauf Book Info
Paperback, 304 pages
Expected publication: January 7th 2014 by Harlequin
ISBN 0373885873 (ISBN13: 9780373885879)
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Source:Netgalley EARC

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A vampire hunter finds himself powerless to resist a bewitching stranger's dangerous magic in Michele Hauf's latest romance.

In all his years of battling the undead, Kaz has never seen bloodlust like this. And as a Knight of the Stake, it's up to him to find out who's responsible for the mayhem sweeping the streets of Paris and put a stop to it. Kaz's task becomes infinitely more complicated when a very attractive witch wants to help.

With her quirky charm and irresistibly kissable lips, Zo just feels right to Kaz, the way no mortal woman ever has before. But as a sworn enemy of the supernatural, can he really trust a witch? Especially one with dangerous secrets of her own?

My Thoughts

My first thoughts on starting this was how easily and quickly the story drew me in. The beginning starts with 16 year-old Kaz fighting off his first vampire and soon segues into an action packed alley brawl with 4 more years later.

As action packed as the story began once Kaz connected with Zoe things seem to lose their momentum, which was funny because a lot happens between the two together and seperately throughout the book.

After giving it much thought the main reason for the pacing seeming to feel off was the fact that the clues to what was going on did not gel for either Kaz or Zoe until way late in the game, it just took too long for the dots to connect that the particular case Kaz was working on and Zoe’s magical secret project had something in common.

Have you ever watched a game show, maybe Wheel Of Fortune, and gotten the clues while the contestants just shook their heads. It is so frustrating because no matter what you cannot reach them with the answers, it felt the same way throughout the investigation into who, what, when, where and the why of the addictive substance which was wreaking havoc on the Vampire community of Paris and which caused the death of two of Kaz’s friends.

I felt like the story kept circling around revealing the puzzle pieces to Kaz and Zoe until everything came together about three quarters of the way and fell into place like dominoes. It made room for the pairs romance to grow but it also felt like there could have been less going on and things would have gotten solved sooner.

The book still was enjoyable, the relationship between Kaz and Zoe grew naturally, the secrets in their pasts were resolved allowing each of them to finally feel free of the conflicting emotions each had dealt with alone for years and the villain was brought to justice in an ironic twist of fate allowing the investigation to close.

Not a bad way to escape reality just not something that felt totally cohesive from start to finish as would read in fits and starts because for some reason just could not find the rhythm needed to keep me from putting book down.

[EArc from Netgalley in exchange for honest review]