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The Theory of Attraction

The Theory of Attraction  - Delphine Dryden BOOK SYNOPSISCamilla can set her watch by her hunky rocket-scientist neighbor who jogs past her window each day. She relishes each glimpse of his shirtless abs, and is dying to see more. But it’s hard to connect with a man who doesn’t seem to know she exists…Ivan feels at home in the lab, not in social situations. When he finally approaches his attractive neighbor, it’s not for a date—he wants tutoring in how to behave at an important fundraiser. Ivan doesn’t expect the chemistry between them to be quite so explosive, and is surprised when Cami actually accepts his proposal to embark on a series of “lessons”.Cami soon discovers Ivan’s schedule isn’t the only thing he likes to be strict about—he needs to be charge in the bedroom as well. She’s shocked at how much she comes to enjoy her submissive side, but wonders if a real relationship is in the equation…My ThoughtsWhoever said nerds/geeks are not sexy never met Dr. Ivan Reynolds, socially clueless he may be but a cutie nonetheless!Camilla is a very "rare breed" in the apartment complex where she lives, she is one of only two women in the middle of a group of guys. What makes her truly special though is she is popular because of her ability to accept these particular males as they are, after all every one of them is a "nerd" or a "brain" or a "geek" depending on what you choose to define someone whose intelligence IQ is probably close to or beyond the genius level but their social IQ is almost below zero. Dr. Ivan Reynolds, her next door rocket scientist neighbor is a case in point. Ivan has some major difference that sets him apart from the other guys, he is cute, has a nice physique and the "idiot" has no clue Cami exists as an available attractive member of the opposite sex!I loved this books beginning, the way that Cami basically is "stalking" her neighbor by being so aware of his schedule that she even knows it is time to get ready for work when he goes off for his morning jog on weekdays! Plus living in a complex with people who are about as brilliant as they are clueless has to be quite an experience all on it's own.The relationship between Cami and Ivan is very much something that was fun to watch as it took the turn from "neighbors" to friends to "friends with benefits". The understanding that Cami shows for all the OCD behavior that Ivan exhibits is nothing short of wonderful, her patience in looking beyond his brusque attitude to see that the man inside is so focused that he cannot understand why people just do not say exactly what they mean and point out exactly what they want warmed my heart and showed that she really "got" Ivan for who he is and did not try to change him into who she wanted him to be. (At least not too much anyway, smoothing his "rough edges" with some tactful tips was needed for the poor guy to learn to function in public situations better.)The side of Ivan that Cami learns about almost by accident, the dominant articulate male that he becomes behind closed bedroom doors not only surprises her but it excites her beyond measure as well. This is a small taste for Cami of a lifestyle that she has not even associated with her rather uptight neighbor, BDSM is not something that she would have dreamed that he was aware of much less something Ivan actually regularly participated in. After spending more time with him and talking more about what his limits are in social situations it becomes clear to Cami that his sexual preferences are actually quite in keeping with his character as it is all about being in charge, being in control but at the same time relinquishing that control by trusting in his partner. An eye opening revelation for both Cami as well as the reader.I had a good time reading this novella, the characters were fun to interact with, the plot was not hard to follow and the steamy sexual encounters made a hot summer day even hotter! All in all a quick, easy read that pretty much anyone who enjoys erotic short stories will find interesting and entertaining.The story is very short, it however encompasses all the elements of a longer tale without any problems for me.[EArc from Netgalley in exchange for honest review]