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In Scandal They Wed

In Scandal They Wed - Sophie Jordan It is a harsh truth that lies will out, even ones that are told for the best of reasons. As a longtime reader of historical romance this story follows fairly familiar territory, what makes it an engaging read is the fact that if another woman were in Evie's position she would never have had her courage to undertake rearing and caring for her half sister's child all the while putting her own needs second to his. Living in fear of being exposed and having the boy taken away is a terrifying prospect, even more so when Evie realizes that it is very well something that is well within Spencer Lockhart's rights as his next of kin.Regardless of the fact that this story uses tried and true gambits it is still an enjoyable read to discover just how the author manages to bring about the final HEA for Evie and Spencer. In the end these two characters happiness is the whole point after all!