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Everlasting Desire - Amanda Ashley Have you ever heard the old saying that all vampire books are predictable and boring? That there is nothing new and different in the genre that would cause a reader to stand up and cheer when they were done with the story.... I say different, not only are the books written by Amanda Ashley not boring or for the most part predictable but they will make you smile and even cheer for the books characters at stories end!Right off the bat let me say that the main female character of Megan DeLacey is going to make you peeved in the beginning of the book, at some point she does finally grow on the reader...Master Vampire hottie main male character Rhys Costain however you will fall in "lust" with immediately!The two meet when Rhys comes into the high end clothing store where Megan works the night shift... Night after night he comes back and buys something each time so he has the chance to interact with the beautiful young human female, the first female to entice Rhys in centuries!Megan is of course flattered and intrigued by what she perceives to be a younger man with money to burn showing interest in her!Speed up a little and the two have gone beyond mere flirtation and engaged in an intimate relationship during the course of which Rhys is grievously injured and Megan is confronted with the awful fact that he is really a Vampire not a human at all....Add the kicker in that her roommate and best friend tells her that she is dying whereupon Megan decides to have Rhys turn her friend into a Vampire to save her from permanent human death... Why do we all know that this is a bad idea? Also there is a rival Master Vampire going from coast to coast causing the entire vamp community to be up in arms as he leaves a string of dead bodies behind him on his way to the city of Los Angeles...The story is one that will have you reading faster and faster to see what drama occurs next... Will Megan's roommate turn out to be a good vampire or a bad one? Will Megan and Rhys make it work and get their much wanted HEA? Will Rhys survive the approaching confrontation for his territory?All these questions and more are yours for the answering within the pages of this darkly brooding tale... If you like your vampires on the sexy side with a little of "the inner beast" showing from time to time than this series will be perfect reading for you for sure!Book 1 Everlasting Kiss started this new series February 2010 and there is a third book undetermined release as of yet and tentatively titled EVERLASTING EMBRACE that has the first chapter up and can be accessed by going to the authors works in progress page on her web site.I have been a very longtime fan of this author which started when I read my first Native American Romance book written under her real name Madeline Baker . Comanche Flame was first released in 1992 and when I discovered her Vampire Romance books written as AKA Amanda Ashley in the late nineties have been eagerly reading her work ever since!